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Murchie's Tea & Coffee - Steeped in tradition


A part of Canadian West Coast History


John Murchie immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1894 and founded Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in New Westminster, BC. Long before that, John had started his career in the tea industry with Melrose’s of Scotland, a prestigious tea import merchant in Britain. John was a young boy when he started working with Melrose’s, and one of his jobs was to deliver tea to Queen Victoria while she was in residence at Balmoral Castle, in the Scottish Highlands. Over time, John Murchie became familiar with the types of teas the Queen preferred and as his knowledge of tea grew, and he started experimenting with blending teas on his own.



Murchie's Tea & Coffee - Since 1894Little could John Murchie have imagined, back in the mid 1800's when he first delivered tea to Queen Victoria, that people would still be enjoying his blends today.

The art of blending teas has been passed down from John Murchie who, with his son, first started delivering teas and coffees to discriminating customers in and around New Westminster, BC in 1894.

Using only the finest quality loose teas direct from some of the world's premier gardens, John Murchie's tradition of quality and distinction continues to this day. From his then unique blends of black and green teas of the 1800's to today's more modern blends, we are proud to offer you our finest tea blends whether it’s loose tea or the convenience of traditional English style teabags.


Murchie's Tea & Coffee - Since 1894Murchie's passion for and dedication to providing the finest was widened to include coffee and, as one of the first to import 100% Arabica beans, we have supplied not only ourselves but other prominent coffee retailers with raw beans. In keeping with our tradition of quality, Murchie's uses only the best beans and roasts them to perfection at our manufacturing facility in Delta, BC. Using these finely roasted beans we then apply our techniques of blending selected roasts to create signature coffee blends that suit every coffee drinking taste.

In commemoration of Murchie’s Centennial in 1994, Murchie’s Tea & Coffee was granted a Coat of Arms which displays our company’s motto. “A Tradition of Excellence”. Since its founding Murchie’s has been unsurpassed in its craft to expertly blend teas and coffees. An excellence began by John Murchie over a century ago and still continues today.



Our core business is focused on procuring only the highest quality teas and coffees obtained from the finest tea gardens and coffee farms around the world. All of these raw products are shipped directly to our production plant in Delta, B.C. where the coffees are freshly roasted ‘just right’, and our teas are blended and packaged for sale. We also package and sell our own spices and spice blends, gourmet preserves and delicious baked goods through the company’s retail locations, website and mail order division.

Whether to celebrate a special occasion or for your daily “cuppa” Murchie's has a full selection of teas, coffees, spices and more that will allow you to enjoy your favorites, and to discover new ones! Enjoy!


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