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Enjoy your Murchie’s cuppa with our fine selection of tea and coffee accessories.


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  • Tea Sock

    Reusable cotton tea socks are a great way to brew loose tea without a traditional tea ball.

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  • Finum Tea Filters

    Murchie's now stocks Finum Disposable Tea filters.


    Available in three sizes, these filters are perfect for loose tea lovers who want the convenience of bagged tea.

    Murchie's carries finum® disposible tea filters, giving the tea enthusiast the chance to enjoy tea in thier preferred manner .


  • 3 Sizes available, perfect for a single cup use or an entire pot
  • Can be used without a holder
  • Pleated bottom that expands to allow tea leaves to steep
  • Made of biodegradable cellulose and manilla hemp
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  • Murchie's Tea Tin

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    Looking for a tin to store your tea in? Murchie's Tea Tin is perfect for storing your loose or bagged tea.

    *Tea not included

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  • Tea Ball with Murchie's Charm

    At Murchie's, a cup of tea can represent a lively gathering of friends, time with a loved ones or a comforting solitary ritual.

    Here's to you and your special tea traditions.

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  • Murchie's Tea Mug - Fine Bone China

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    Made in England by Roy Kirkham, this tea mug was specially created for Murchie's using delicate fine bone china.

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  • Murchie's Teacup and Saucer - Fine Bone China

    Made in England by Roy Kirkham, this teacup & saucer was specially created for Murchie's using delicate fine bone china.

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  • Libre Tea Glass

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    Murchie's is proud to be able to offer the Libre Tea Glass -  the stylish, healthy and convenient solution for loose leaf tea 'on the go'.

    Each Libre Tea Glass is hand-assembled and 100% BPA free - inside and out and is ideal for Murchie’s green teas, oolongs, white teas and herbals, as well as iced tea and cold infusions!

    To Use: Loose tea can either go in the base of the glass and you sip through the filter lid, or the tea goes in between the filter lid and the top lid, the Libre is inverted for steeping, and then you remove both lids to drink the tea directly from the glass.

    Both options are great for teas that can be infused several times. 

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  • Murchie's 1894 Mug

    Enjoy the simple, clean design of our latest mug which features Murchie's classic logo text. Available in black or white.

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