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French Roast Coffee

Murchie's French Roast Coffee - Our darkest roast is excellent as espresso or a strong cup of drip coffee - very well suited to French Press brewing as well. Roasted longer and hotter than our other beans to create a smoky, caramelized flavour, full body and rich, slightly bitter aftertaste.

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French Roast Coffee - Whole Bean 400g/14oz
French Roast Coffee - Filter Grind 400g/14oz

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Murchie's French Roast Coffee is perfect for someone who prefers their coffee strong or for blending with other coffees to add some extra strength to milder coffees.


Despite its name, French roast coffee does not actually originate from France. It was modeled after darker European roasts that became trendy in North America around the turn of the 19th century. Murchie's French Roast is has a smoky, caramelized flavour in a full bodied roast with a rich aftertaste.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Arabica coffee beans
Body Full Body
Roast Dark Roast
Caffeine Caffeinated
Origin Single-origin


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