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Tea can be used to comfort, calm, strengthen and commune with the soul.

It has a special place in almost everyone's heart, revolving around loved ones, special traditions and ceremonies.


On this page, we share a few of our favourite Tea Stories & invite you to share yours as well.


If you would like to share your tea story, please email us using our feedback / contact us form, and with your permission, we may feature your tea story in an upcoming addition of Tea Stories.


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Pat's Tea Story

Submitted by Pat Stephens, Vancouver, WA


It was on a family trip to Victoria, B.C. when my mother started my collection of demitasse china cups -- that one was the cup with the pink roses!


She also bought a new English bone china cup and saucer that day, and then added to the collection each time we visited Canada.


Now about 50 years later, they are still displayed proudly, and used for special cups of tea.


Tea just seems calming, relaxing, and has always encouraged conversation with family, friends, and college roommates. It has both festive and healing memories for me!


Kathe's Tea Story

Submitted by Kathe Gresham, Grass Valley, CA

Tea Stories | Murchie's Tea & Coffee

When I was a little girl, a long time ago, I lived in a rural/suburban neighborhood of one short street of homes adjacent to a small farm on one side and across the street from a beautiful fruit orchard.



In the orchard was an elegant Victorian farm house and detached kitchen/well house.  A very old woman lived there, not in the big house but in the small detached kitchen.  She explained it was just too much work and expense for her alone in that great, big house.  She was probably well into her eighties.



As young as I was, four or five, I had free rein of our neighborhood and played often in the orchard supervised by my beloved English collie who accompanied me everywhere. I loved to visit the old woman. She was very kind and always invited me in for a delightful cup of tea in her fine china cups.  Always, without fail, she would ask me “Are you sure it is OK with your Mother that you are having tea?” to which I always replied “Oh, yes” even though I never told my Mother that I had delicious tea when I went to visit her.


Those visits of little tea parties are treasured memories even though the farm, Victorian house and the orchard are long gone. I have loved and enjoyed teas ever since my very early introduction and, as I now have my great-grandmother’s tea cup collection, I can host my own guests of little girls for a tea party anytime I wish.


- Kathe Gresham, October 2013

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Cara's Tea Story

Submitted by Cara, staff member at Murchie's


replace me with Cara's Picture"It all started with a real silver cup engraved with my name on it.


When I was born, my grandfather had a silver cup engraved with my name and birth date on it. All the grandchildren had received one. But mine was special.  I was my grandpa’s favourite. As I grew older and was able to use the cup, my grandpa and I would have tea parties just me and him.


One day, we had to put him in the old folks home. I didn’t understand why we had to put him in there. I was sad because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to have anymore tea parties with him. So my mom is an amazing woman, she started having tea parties with me and that’s when my life changed forever.


Orange Pekoe tea paired with toast and peanut butter suddenly became a tradition with my mom and I. "

- Cara Trotchie, August 2013

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Do you have a special tea story to share? Email us using our feedback / contact us form, and with your permission, we may feature your tea story in an upcoming addition of Tea Stories.