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Apricot Loose Tea

Murchie's Apricot Tea is a Ceylon-Keemun blend with the delicious flavour of ripe BC apricots, which emphasize the natural fruit notes in the smooth base teas.

Calendula and Elder flower petals add beauty to the fragrant brew, making for a tea that is as pretty as it is delicious.

Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee

Also available in tea bags.

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Product Description


The sweet flavour of apricots blended with Ceylon and Keemun black teas make for a sweet, mellow cup.


Keemun is produced in the Qimen County of Huangshan City, in Anhui province of China. It was first produced in 1875 and quickly gained popularity in England, and became the most prominent ingredient of the English Breakfast tea blend.


Ceylon tea is grown in Sri Lanka, an island off of the southern coast of India. The country Sri Lanka was called Ceylon until 1972 and although the name of the country changed at this time, the name Ceylon was kept for tea.


Strength:     Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee (Strong)
Brew Temperature:   205 to 212°F, or 96 to 100°C
Brew Time:   3 to 5 Minutes
Brew Quantity:   1 tsp to 6-8oz or 2.5g to 180-240ml of water


For more information on brewing and tea strength ratings, please see our BREWING GUIDE or TEA STRENGTH pages

Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Black tea, elderflower petals, natural and artificial flavouring, calendula petals
Format Loose Tea
Tea Type Black
Caffeine Caffeinated
Cup Strength Strong
Origin Blend


Customer Reviews (11)

Long for original blend.Review by Ellie
Years ago Murchie's apricot tea must have had real fruit in it. The new blend is pleasant enough but doesn't come close to the intensity and true flavour of the original apricot tea that I so loved. Maybe there will be a comeback some day? (Posted on 2015-12-05)
Love this tea!Review by Amanda
This has become my new favorite ... With a little honey and a splash of cream this is divine. Great for mornings or even decadent enough as a dessert tea .... Really so good, very smooth and creamy ! Great quality ! (Posted on 2015-01-23)
My favorite teaReview by Shannon
Love this stuff; a pot o' this in the morning and I'm GOLDEN. I took it with me, along with my little teapot, when I went on vacation recently, braving the stares of other tourists in the hotel, because I know that everything in the restaurants/coffee shops is "Ptooey!" compared to this. Taking my first sip right now as I write this, ahhhh..... (Posted on 2014-09-13)
AmazingReview by Heidi22
I first tried this tea as part of the fruity sampler pack. I really never would have thought I'd like it but I think apricot is now my favorite flavored. You really should try it. If you are curious but not totally sure, get the 10 pack box. I think you'll find it surprisingly wonderful. (Posted on 2013-07-14)
Apricot Tea Sampler - Awesome!Review by Olivia
I was so excited to sit down with such a beautiful flavor and aroma tea. Keep up the great work of making teas. Thank you so much. (Posted on 2013-05-08)
Favorite teaReview by Kristina
This is my favourite tea, and I've been drinking it for several years now. It does not taste like chemicals or fake fruit, which I find many fruity teas do, and has a nice bite to it too. I also enjoy doing a half and half combination of this with the Lavender blend tea from Murchie's, which comes out great, or else blending it half and half with Earl Grey, as the apricot and bergamot go nicely. (Posted on 2013-04-30)
My favourite teaReview by Bellllama
This is my absolute favourite tea - love it in the mornings, afternoons and in the evening. Smooth and comforting. (Posted on 2012-11-13)
Great for Iced TeaReview by Tim
This is one of my favourites for iced tea. Use a little more tea when you brew it, and don't let it steep too long. The end result is a refreshing drink with no bitterness. (Posted on 2012-10-01)
Best ApricotReview by Rena
I've tried apricot flavours from several places, and nothing comes close to Murchie's. This is a full, fruity apricot flavour with a strong black tea to back it up. It's still recognizably tea, unlike many of the fruit teas I see in some other places, which have little to no nods to tea at all. This particular tea is my favourite flavoured indulgence when I feel like something more desserty than black tea. (Posted on 2012-09-28)
You can also..Review by Eleanor - Murchie's Team Member
This tea is also incredibly good over ice with lemon and/or sweetener, or in a tea latte! Mmmm! A very versatile and yummy tea! (Posted on 2012-07-03)
Favorite Flavored TeaReview by Deena
The apricot tea is a very smooth, flavorful tea. I don't usually like any fruit flavored teas because they taste fake to me, but Murchies has done an amazing job with this one! I would recommend this for anyone who is not sure about stepping out of their "tea comfort zone". I've been enjoying it for over 10 years! (Posted on 2012-02-17)

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