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Darjeeling Estate Loose Tea

Murchie's Darjeeling Estate Tea is a second flush black tea with a well developed flavour, sweet and smooth. When compared to a first flush, the brew is slightly darker and the tea's flavour is deeper.

2nd Flush Darjeeling is slightly darker, with more intense flavour, than 1st Flush. It is beloved for its distinctive muscatel note.

Medium-Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee

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Product Description


Grown in the northeast corner of India, among the foot hills of the Himalayan mountains, Darjeeling is a highly sought, coveted black tea.


Graded as FTGFOP1: second flush season.


It is the combination of high mountains, steep terrains, well-drained soils, extreme cold and intense heat, as well as a good level of rainfall that contribute to the exquisite muscatel character and floral aroma of Darjeeling teas.


Strength:     Medium-Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee (Medium-Strong)
Brew Temperature:   205 to 212°F, or 96 to 100°C
Brew Time:   3 to 5 Minutes
Brew Quantity:   1 tsp to 6-8oz or 5g to 177-237ml of water


For more information on brewing and tea strength ratings, please see our BREWING GUIDE or TEA STRENGTH pages

Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Black tea
Format Loose Tea
Tea Type Black
Caffeine Caffeinated
Cup Strength Medium-Strong
Origin India


Customer Reviews (3)

Rich, Robust, Smooth, DelightfulReview by Caroline from Three Rivers, Ca.
I have not found a Darjeeling elsewhere that has as full bodied a flavor, & delivers the satisfaction of Darjeeling Estate Tea. It is bold and complex, yet smooth and not overpowering. Several others I have tried are either too weak to impart much flavor or overly bold with bitter aftertaste! I enjoy drinking it with a teaspoon of honey and squeezed lemon slice. (Posted on 2015-01-01)
Robust, Flavorful and TastyReview by Phil from Oregon
We have tried many teas and tea blends to get a robust round tea for every day. Our very clean northwest water does not need sharp tannins to offset minerals it does not have. This tea has great varietal and very robust flavor with rounded soft tannins that make it drinkable without additives. I drink mine plain; my wife with milk. Five minutes steeping, remove the tea sock, enjoy! I keep an extra pound or two in the tea chest to avoid running out. (Posted on 2013-09-01)
Earthy and SmoothReview by Kyla
This Darjeeling Estate Tea is soo smooth and earthy. I really enjoy this tea anytime of day. It's amazing becauase the Darjeeling Estate is the first Tea I could ever drink without fixings. Its that good! (Posted on 2012-11-05)

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