Fragrant Bud Yellow Tea

Murchie's Fragrant Bud Yellow Tea is bright tasting and aromatic! This partially oxidized yellow tea has a fine finish that demands further sipping.

Due to its processing, the yellow tea loses the vegetal, "grassy" aftertaste which is often associated with green tea. Many tea drinkers who don't like the taste of green tea often prefer the yellow teas, as taste is subtler and sweeter. The taste is very light and mild, and has no bitterness to it. The aroma is often described as fresh and flowery.


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Fragrant Bud Yellow Tea

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Product Description

Fragrant Bud Yellow Tea is a rare variety of tea which is slowly gaining recognition in Western countries. It is produced only in China, where it has long been a part of many well rooted traditions. As the name suggests, yellow tea has a yellow, golden appearance, both as unused tea leaves and as the finished, brewed tea.


Yellow tea is almost by definition a tea that is fermented, or oxidized, for longer than green tea is, but not completely oxidized like black or oolong tea. The drying phase is slower, and the damp tea leaves are left to take on a natural, light yellow color. Because the process of making proper yellow tea is tedious and time-consuming, this variety is the least produced and probably the least known of the teas. It is easier for the tea farmers to simply make green tea, which is perceived as more marketable. While not as prestigious as white tea, yellow tea is to this day very rare, even in China.


Yellow tea is brewed in much the same way as white tea. This means that the water should not be hotter than about 180 degrees F, or 80 degrees C. Use one tablespoon of loose tea leaf (about two grams) for six to eight ounces of water, and steep for a minute or two. Yellow tea can easily take multiple infusions, so that the second steeping may also only last for a minute, the third should last a bit longer etc.


Strength:  (Mild)
Brew Temperature: 175 to 180°F, or 79 to 82°C
Brew Time: 2 to 3 Minutes
Brew Quantity: 1 tsp to 6-8oz or 5g to 177-237ml of water




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