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  • Tiki-inspired Cocktail Recipe with White Tea

    Of all the different types of cocktails that we enjoy making with tea, tiki-inspired drinks are the most fun. Black tea with rum and pineapple. Green tea with whiskey and lime. Oolong with spiced rum and orange . And now Murchie's has a whole new White tea category! It seems the flavour options and combinations are endless!

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  • Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

    Looking for what to gift your loved one this Valentine's? We like the idea of making a homemade card and pairing it with a Murchie's treat for those dearest to you, friends and relatives. This year, we've put together an extra-special gift guide filled with sweet treats and some splurge-worthy indulgent teas picked just for them.

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  • Turmeric Elixir Hot Chocolate

    We love a mug of Murchie's Hot Chocolate anytime of year, but when the weather is cold and seasonal festivities are in full swing, we're especially keen on something sweet and rich. This year, we've put together a turmeric and cinnamon-infused, somewhat healthy recipe that will certainly satisfy.

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  • Earl's Gold

    A must-try from our Premium Tea category, Earl's Gold takes its name from its striking golden tips, the result of careful plucking and processing. The aroma leads with fresh bergamot, followed by lingering honey. The cup is at the same time bold and subtle, a robust blend of Assam and Yunnan, making it a complex and hearty breakfast blend that stands up well to milk.

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  • Holiday Gift Guide

    The Christmas decorations are up. A sure sign that it’s time to start thinking about everyone on your list!

    Holiday gift giving at Murchie’s means traditional, familiar and of course, delicious. From exquisite new teas and fresh roasted coffee beans, to your favourite Christmas baking and indulgent gift baskets, find what you need to make your holidays memorable.

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