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Murchie's at Home

Facts, tips and tricks about Murchie's products - from brewing a proper cuppa, to understanding just what goes into that tea or coffee before it pours into your favourite mug.  
  • Tips for going Green

    This Earth Day we are thinking of ways to make the day really mean something with some small changes that you can make at home, plus eco friendly uses for leftover tea.

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  • Spring Tonic Recipe

    Who feels like throwing open all of the windows in celebration that Spring is finally here? With sun streaming through the panes into a clean kitchen and an interesting new tea in your cupboard, it's the perfect time to simmer up a revitalizing, herbal decoction of healing herbals. Continue reading

  • Our Family Tea Blend Book


    It's Murchie's 125th anniversary year and we believe it is our customers that make us who we are. It's fun taking a look back through the years and thinking about all the stories there must be around a cup of tea. Continue reading

  • Starting the day with Murchie's Breakfast Tea

    Fall is fast approaching...

    It's dark in the morning now and the first signs of frost are making the grass on the lawn crunchy as you step outside - maybe taking the children to school or heading out for a morning walk to the grocery store. With a mug of breakfast tea in hand you will be prepared to face the extra chill in the air, the excited chatter and endless questions of little ones - plus, it does seem to be more difficult to get out of bed in the morning when the weather changes, let alone trying to get other household members out of bed for school. Continue reading

  • Matcha 101

    Yes, we have matcha! This beloved Japanese tea could be part of your well-stocked tea cupboard. Learn how to make a perfect cup of matcha at home using Murchie's Ceremonial or Premium Matcha.

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