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  • Tips for going Green

    This Earth Day we are thinking of ways to make the day really mean something with some small changes that you can make at home, plus eco friendly uses for leftover tea.

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  • Delicious Recipe for Leftover Tea Leaves

    Don't throw out your Sencha leaves after you've steeped them - save them for this simple and satisfying rice topping recipe. Adding a fried or boiled egg or grilled salmon would turn it into a complete meal.

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  • Spring Tonic Recipe

    Who feels like throwing open all of the windows in celebration that Spring is finally here? With sun streaming through the panes into a clean kitchen and an interesting new tea in your cupboard, it's the perfect time to simmer up a revitalizing, herbal decoction of healing herbals. Continue reading

  • How to Make Golden Milk

    In the new year we start to crave healthful, tasty and comforting foods and beverages. Most of us feel we have over-indulged over the holidays; we've had enough sweet treats and gravy on everything, for now. Home cooks who were slow roasting, baking and snacking on rich cheeses and charcuterie washed down with hot chocolate, cider or maybe too much wine are in need of fresh flavours and a kickstart to their routine.

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  • Cheers for the New Year!

    How to make Earl Grey Gin & TonicEach year, it's always enjoyable to get together with colleagues to share some holiday cheer. This is the time of year where we celebrate the year's accomplishments and join in a cheers to getting through the busy season.

    We would love to share with you this festive Earl Grey Gin & TonicĀ  tea cocktail recipe and wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers!

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