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Premium Tea

Premium Tea

Black Tea

To produce a black tea that we’ve all come to recognize and love, leaves from the tea plant are oxidized to produce a cup that is wonderfully rich, with notes of honey, malt and fruit.



Golden Monkey

Abundant golden downy tips create a rich, complex cup with notes of fruit and sugar.


There are conflicting stories about how this tea was named. Is it for the fuzzy, curly leaves that look a little bit like monkey paws? Or is there truth to the legend that monkeys were trained to pluck this tea with their nimble little fingers? A fine black tea from Fujian Province, China, featuring small twisted leaves interwoven with abundant golden tips, creating a rich, complex cup with notes of fruit and sugar.


Tasting Notes: Dried apricot or plum, honey or burnt sugar, and a slight smokiness or light maltiness. Very round, full-bodied flavour with a slight briskness.
Region: Fu’An, Fujian, China




Golden Peony

An oolong-lover’s black tea


Golden Peony is harvested during a small window of early spring usually reserved for exceptional teas. The tea takes its name from the golden colour of the infusion. Despite the "Peony" in the name, the tea is not at all related to the white tea Bai Mudan. The "Peony" is a reference to the strong floral aroma the tea inherited from its parent-cultivars, the "Gold" referencing the clear colour of the infusion.


Tasting Notes: Surprisingly light and floral, with notes of apricot. This black tea has a lot of complexity.
Region: Anhua County, Hunan, China




Oolong Tea

Oolongs are a partially-oxidized tea, yielding a broad spectrum of flavours reflecting their unique terroir. They can be light and floral from more green oolongs to deep honey notes of darker oolongs. Always a full leaf and hand-rolled, this processing method takes years of precision and craftsmanship to master.



Oriental Beauty Oolong

Complex and compelling.


A hand-rolled Formosa Silver Tip Oolong with a unique orchid aroma, peach and honey notes, and distinctive dark leaves with silver tips, Oriental Beauty is unique among oolongs for its flavour profile and the look of the leaves. This oolong produces a friendly, round, and highly aromatic cup due to its processing. The silver tips that are present in the finished tea is a result of its plucking standard: one bud and two leaves (a budset). The short picking season, beginning in late April and ending in July, adds to the rarity of this tea.


Tasting Notes: An orchid aroma with peach and honey-sweet notes, or dried fruit mixed with toasted grain.
Region: Hsinchu County, Taiwan




Scented Tea

Scented teas are small-batch blended with our highest quality teas and fine oils, often decorated with flowers and fruit to produce an extremely satisfying cup.



Earl's Gold

Elevate your daily traditional cuppa with a bold take on Earl Grey: a must-try for any fan of Earl Grey.


The name of this tea comes from the golden tippy teas used in the blend: Assam Tippy Golden and Yunnan. Compared to a traditional Earl Grey, Earl's Gold has a lighter touch of bergamot, just enough to enhance the natural notes of the tea.


Tasting Notes: Complex, full-bodied and faintly smoky, with a malty base. A bolder cup with a subtler bergamot note than a traditional Earl Grey.








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