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Medium Roast

Murchie's has a long history, as one of the first in the Northwest, of roasting only the finest, carefully selected 100% Arabica beans. We apply our techniques of blending selected roasts to create signature blends that suit every drinking taste.

Our most popular coffees are medium roast, medium to medium-strong in flavour, we are sure you will find your favourite too.

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After Dinner Blend Coffee
After Dinner Blend Decaf Coffee
Canadian Blend Coffee
1 Review(s)
Christmas Blend Coffee
2 Review(s)
Cinnamon Roast Coffee
2 Review(s)
Government Street Blend Coffee
8 Review(s)
Kona Coffee
5 Review(s)
Mexican Fancy Coffee
Mocha Java Coffee
8 Review(s)
Murchie's Best Coffee
14 Review(s)
Murchie's Best Decaf Coffee
1 Review(s)
Panama Coffee
1 Review(s)