Tuscany OrangeTuscany Orange is one of many legacy blends at Murchie's that has dipped and resurfaced over the years. It was eventually discontinued in 2018--not too long ago--but has maintained a loyal following, so it seemed especially fitting to bring back. What has always interested me is the is the history of the blend.

Dulce de Leche Coffee FrappeTreat yourself to a homemade iced coffee frappe made with decadent dulce de leche.

Arnold PalmerIndulge in the perfect balance of sweet and tangy with our Arnold Palmer recipe.

Iced Tea Shaved IceBring back fond memories of childhood summers with our Sweet Tea Shaved Ice recipe.

Bard's Blend was developed in conjunction with Poet's Blend, so it made sense to release them back to back. They're in a sense 'sister blends', following the same blending principles, despite how differently they turned out.

Whereas Poet’s Blend mixes black tea with floral-scented green and oolong teas for an aromatic, garden-in-your-cup experience, Bard’s Blend takes a different approach. Using a mix of malty and nutty black teas from India and China, they’ve been paired with smoky gunpowder green tea, and a blend of roasted oolongs. The result is a mix of toasted grains, and the barest hint of smoke. I’ve described it as ‘buttered toast’.

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