Originally blended in the 19th Century, this is a blend of some of Queen Victoria's favourite teas that were delivered by our founder, John Murchie when HRM was in residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

This regal blend is one of Murchie's most notable blends, yielding a smooth but complex tea incorporating the rich fruit flavours of Darjeeling, brisk Ceylon, smoky tones of Lapsang and the underlying sweetness of Jasmine.

Ingredients: Black tea (Ceylon, Darjeeling, Keemun), Lapsang Souchong, Green tea (Jasmine, Gunpowder), bergamot oil

Caffeine Caffeinated
Cup Strength Medium-Strong
Origin Blend
Tea Format Loose Tea
Type Green/Black Blend

Lovely afternoon tea  Review by  Charlie Russel

This has become my favourite afternoon tea. There's just enough lapsang souchong to offset the jasmine, but not so much that the jasmine gets lost. There's a depth of flavour here that is quite satisfying.

Posted on 2023-01-29

Strong and warming  Review by  ['Sarah']

This tea is energizing and delicious! Highly recommend.

Posted on 2021-08-01

A Very Tasty Tea  Review by  ['davej']

I'm enjoying a cup of Queen Victoria just now, thinking about watching the next episode of "Victoria" on the CBC. I originally mistakenly thought this was a black tea blend and I was brewing it incorrectly at first. Now I've corrected things and it is so tasty and smooth with just a splash of milk. Brewed 3 1/2 minutes with 180 degree water with 12g of loose tea per 600 ml pot. This would be a good candidate for my monthly rotating tea tin.

Posted on 2021-05-11

My Murchie's Staple  Review by  Meaghan

Tried through a friend, this tea became the reason I walk into Murchie's. I'm not that up on tea lingo and flavour profiles, so I will just say that I this is a staple tea in my cupboard. It's great when I feel like a cup of tea that is more attention grabbing than Red Rose or another breakfast tea, but not as dramatic as straight Lapsang Suoshong. It's a good step up or into other flavours.

Posted on 2020-09-30

Historically Enlightening   Review by  Mica

Not only is this tea the perfect mixture of jasmine and smokiness, but it was enjoyed by Her Majesty Queen Victoria! It's not everyday that I get to enjoy a royal luxury!

Posted on 2018-06-12

Great on a rainy day  Review by  cmp1226

I purchased this tea fir the name and the tin to add to my collection. I was very surprised, I wasn't sure about the description. Too my surprise, I love the smokey taste and is perfect on the cold, wet, rainy days on the PNW. This is my go to for breakfast on mornings like that.

Posted on 2018-04-09

Delicious!!  Review by  Naomi

I've been drinking Murchies teas for years now after enjoying a gift given to my parents. I recently bought the royal collection as stocking stuffers and fell in love with Queen Victoria's! I love the smoky flavour and quickly went through the 2 oz tin so I've just ordered 16 oz and have ordered other teas with smoky lapsang in them as i can't get enough of the smoky flavour. I used to have to wait for a friend's parent from B.C. to be making a trip to Nunavut but now I can just order online! How wonderful. Thank you Murchies!

Posted on 2018-03-29

A very special favorite  Review by  Kevin in Los Angeles

My parents started buying this tea in 1963 when I was a kid. We had it on special occasions, usually after dinner when my mom would make a pot of tea. In the 80s and 90s I used to make a special trip to Murchie's whenever I went to Vancouver, just to buy more. Now the Internet makes it much easier. The taste is rich and complex. The smoke of the lapsang souchong gives a nice taste not unsimilar to a very smokey Scots whisky. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, but when mixed with milk/cream & sugar it has a very warm and inviting taste.

Posted on 2018-02-14

A unique tea experience  Review by  railbird

We purchased 4 oz of Queen Victoria tea as a change from our usual Scottish Breakfast. It is not a tea I would drink all the time, but it is nice when I want a change. The ceylon and jasmine smooth out the flavour of the lapsang. It is particularly enjoyable when it gets cold.

Posted on 2016-07-01

Versatile and strong  Review by  Cisco el Keed

For me the smoky flavor was too strong. I mix it about half and half with the Murchie 1894 Blend, and the delightful jasmine scent still comes through. A token amount added to other teas gives flavor and fragrance enhancement. Its a great tea for those who like to experiment.

Posted on 2016-04-20

Timeless  Review by  Maxime

A complex tea with character & depth, the scent will bring you back to Victorian period.

Posted on 2015-06-03

out standing  Review by  teatim

I love this tea so much that I love to bath in it

Posted on 2014-05-16

Best tea I've ever had.  Review by  Libby in California

I first enjoyed this tea after a friend brought a sampler back from a visit to B.C. and have loved it ever since. I've tried other Murchie's teas, all delicious, but Queen Victoria remains my absolute favorite. The aroma is enticing and the flavor is exquisite. I love this tea.

Posted on 2013-10-05

Mmm  Review by  Cleo

This tea is a good first step to sampling "smoky" teas. The first time drinking it, it tasted very different from other teas I've tried. Now I've grown to love the flavour.

Posted on 2013-09-24

A good long-steeper  Review by  Lascauxcaveman

Being a cheapskate who nevertheless can't abide cheap teas, I was pleasantly surprised at the yield one can get using a tea ball and whole pot of hot water. A little of this blend goes a long way and changes subtly as it continues to steep. I had to keep backing off on the amount I used to make a pot, as my usual dosage for other teas came out too strong, too fast. Flavour notes as mentioned in other reviews posted here.

Posted on 2013-01-04

House Favourite  Review by  Diana

Ever since we first tried this tea at a Murchie's shop in White Rock, this has been our favourite afternoon tea. It is absolutely delicious, a fantastic blend of black, smoky and ever-so-slightly sweet!

Posted on 2012-11-25

My favorite Murchie  Review by  Tea Lover

This is my favorite Murchie's tea, either hot or cold. I like strong tea (I'm a three teacup minimum person) and with this the smokey note isn't overwhelming, it just adds interest.

Posted on 2012-11-15

A twist on traditional iced tea  Review by  Laura - Murchie's Team Member

Last week, I was making a marinade I found online for some bbq chicken. It used brewed Lapsang as part of the recipe. I substituted Queen Victoria for the Lapsang and when I added lime juice to it for the marinade, I was struck by how delicious it smelled mixed together. I promptly made another pot of tea and added some lime juice and poured over ice.... I have a new go-to unsweetened iced tea this summer!

Posted on 2012-07-12

I love this blend  Review by  Martha in Connecticut

A friend brought me a gift of some Queen Victoria tea from her trip to BC. What a treat! I have long used a blend of lapsang souchong and Earl Grey, because I like the smokey/flowery combination. The Queen Victoria has wonderful depth and perfectly combines the sweet and smokey flavors. It is my new favorite.

Posted on 2012-07-10

Aroma draws me into this tea  Review by  Velora

It is just as described, the wonderful combination of smoky and sweet jasmine make this my favorite tea.

Posted on 2012-01-30

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Tea Strength Ratings

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Medium Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee              Medium: Medium-light cup with slightly fuller cup
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Dark Roast           Distinctive roasted flavour, sometimes notes of toasted sugar or charcoal

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Drip coffee or pour over method: hot water is gradually poured over coffee grounds and slowly drips through

  • Fine to medium grind coffee
  • 1.5 to 2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water
French press: coffee grounds are ‘steeped’ in hot water, and then a filter presses down the grounds, allowing the finished coffee to be poured off
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