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Black Tea

Distinguished by the area in which they are grown, black teas tend to have deep, complex flavour profiles, often containing notes of brisk tannins, malt, honey, chocolate, dried fruits, spices or wine. After withering, black teas are rolled to release essential oils and allow oxidation before being fired to dry. 

After selecting the finest teas available from each region we create our black tea blends very carefully to bring out the different characteristics in each tea. This is an art Murchie's has been perfecting for over a century and we are proud to continue the tradition today.

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1894 Select Orange Pekoe Loose Tea
7 Review(s)
1894 Select Orange Pekoe Tea Bags
3 Review(s)
Anniversary Blend Loose Tin
Apricot Loose Tea
13 Review(s)
Apricot Tea Bags
8 Review(s)
Assam Pure Loose Tea
1 Review(s)
Assam Pure Tea Bags
2 Review(s)
Assam Superior Golden Loose Tea
3 Review(s)
Assam Tippy Golden Loose Tea
3 Review(s)
Balmoral Blend Loose Tea
4 Review(s)
Balmoral Blend Tea Bags
1 Review(s)
Best Ceylon Loose Tea
4 Review(s)
Best Ceylon Tea Bags
Black Currant Decaf Tea Bags
Black Currant Loose Tea
11 Review(s)
Black Currant Tea Bags
5 Review(s)
Bombay Chai Loose Tea
2 Review(s)
Canadian Breakfast Decaf Tea Bags
4 Review(s)
Canadian Breakfast Loose Tea
9 Review(s)
Canadian Breakfast Tea Bags
9 Review(s)
Ceylon Decaf Loose Tea
3 Review(s)
Ceylon Extra Superior Loose Tea
2 Review(s)
Ceylon Fanning Tips Loose Tea
Ceylon Kenilworth Loose Tea
1 Review(s)